Positioning, Navigation and Surveying services is to provide a precise and accurate positioning data using a high tech surveying technique and equipment to deliver global, high-accuracy GNSS positioning designed to meet the requirements of all offshore positioning and navigation applications. A modern Navigation ideal software package to provide a total hydrographic solution to serve the flexibility for a wide variety of applications.


  • Surface Positioning and navigation services
  • Rig/Barge/Vessel Positioning Management System (Bms /Tms)
  • Anchor Handling system operation
  • Hydrographic and oceanographic Survey
  • Offshore construction and survey application
  • Dredging monitoring and navigation


With a sub meter level surface positioning system accuracy using a Precise Point Positioning (PPP), an absolute positioning technique which corrects or models all GNSS error sources such as: satellite orbit and clocks, tropospheric, ionospheric and multipath errors. PPP isn’t dependent on the location of reference stations, so it’s able to provide position accuracy regardless of location. The services offers the robustness and service levels that utilize more than one GNSS constellation will have more observable satellites which helps maintain accurate positioning when masking occurs or when suffering from ionospheric scintillation. The correctness, accurate and stability of positioning will provide a high level positioning and navigation support needed to the surveying services.

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Positioning, Navigation And Surveying Services
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