Hydrographic surveys to acquire seabed data to IHO standards required for navigational, engineering, and design purposes. The data mainly used for:

  • Pipeline and cable route surveys
  • Pre / post engineering surveys
  • Site Topographic characterisation
  • Seabed charting
  • Identification for debris, shipwrecks, subsea structures, coral reefs .etc
  • Dredging support, port and harbour developments and coastal infrastructure

Hydrographic surveys are typically required for:

  • Oil and gas fields
  • Nearshore developments
  • Navigation
  • Ports and harbours

These surveys may include data relevant to:

  • Navigational charts
  • Pre-engineering requirements
  • Dredging support
  • Debris surveys
  • Obstruction avoidance


All charting is utilizing a modern CAD software and the final charts produced extend to the client’s requirements. All charts can be produced in GIS and hard copy.

Deliverables standards

The bathymetric charts to the following international/local/Organization/Client standards:

GIS deliverables to OGP/IMCA Seabed Survey Data Model (SSDM) or client’s specific geo-database schematic formats

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Hydrographic Surveying
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