Construction support services to our clients to allow the safe installation of offshore assets. These activities utilise precise surface and underwater positioning data to install surface and subsurface assets.

Construction support services for our clients and can help to complete a project on time, in budget and with safe operations.

During construction support activities such as pipe lay, platform jacket and top side installation, we can provide a Tug Management System (TMS) on our client’s barges.

The system is mobilised onto anchor handling vessels allowing the vessel position, speed and direction to be monitored from the main barge or rig during the activity.

Commands for anchor deployment and recovery are also relayed through this system.

We provide a comprehensive range of positioning and construction support services for the following activities:

  • Pipe and Cable Lay
  • PLEM installations
  • SSIV installations
  • Jacket / Platform Installations
  • Float over Installations
  • Rig and Barge Moves and Anchor Handling
  • Diver and ROV Underwater Positioning
  • Subsea Structure installations

Vessel and Barge positioning

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Construction Support
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