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Orogenic GeoExpro Completed Maiden 2D HR Digital Seismic Work [11-11-2009]

31st August 2009
Orogenic GeoExpro Sdn. Bhd. (OGEO) had successfully completed a maiden analogue geophysical and 2D High Resolution digital seismic survey for Total Exploration and Production Indonesia. The work was conducted using DPV Ekteshaf, a fully‐mobilized survey vessel. The contract holder was PT Pageo Utama (PAGEO), a long‐time technical partner of OGEO in Indonesia.

The work was conducted by OGEO, in collaboration with PAGEO in terms of local personnel, logistics and administrative supports.
The work involved two (2) proposed drilling sites with total area of 24.35 km2, offshore Mahakam Block, Indonesia. The equipment used consists of the following:‐
   - Positioning Equipment – Veripos Standard and Ultra DGPS
   - Analogue Equipment – Single Beam Echo Sounder, Multi Beam Echo Sounder, Side Scan Sonar and Chirp Sub‐Bottom Profiler
   - 2D HR Equipment – SeaMux 96‐Channel Spread with 12.5m Group Interval, 12.5m Shotpoint Interval, 1ms Sampling Rate, 2.5s Recording Length, 1x 150cu.in single GI Gun and 2x 77scfm   Electrical Compressors
   - Other Equipment – Tide Gauges and Gravity Corer
   - Processing Equipment – QINSy MBES, ProMAX 2D (Standard Processing), Pseudo‐3D Processing

Software and SeisVision Seismic Interpretation Software. The final data processing and reporting were conducted by OGEO and PAGEO in OGEO’s data centre in Kuala Lumpur.

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